Friday, December 31, 2010

The Budgiergar, By Rob Marshall

At the last meeting of the Maryland Budgerigar Society--December 4th 2010, the group held an impromptu book review of Dr. Rob Marshall's new book, "The Budgerigar".

Budgie club meeting host, Stephen Witmer, had a copy of the book, and shared it with the rest of us. For details of the book's contents or to purchase, and even a recommendation by Gary Hicken, go to:
"The Budgerigar" is no doubt the most extensive book to be written on the subject of the Budgie since Gerald Binks published "The Challenge". While the focus of "The Challenge" is more on the Exhibition Budgie and showing, "The Budgerigar", by Dr. Marshall, an avian vet, contains astonishing detail on Budgie health and disease. In fact, after reading Chapter Twenty Seven, Two Most Significant Budgerigar Diseases, Chapter Twenty Eight, The Most Devastating Diseases of Budgerigars and Chapter Twenty Nine, Diseases of Impaired Immunity, I am amazed any Budgies live at all. Nonetheless, the book is a treat for all aficionados of the budgie and is a must buy, even though it sells for a hefty $114.00.
Dr. Marshall also sells a number of supplements that he recommends in his book to maintain healthy birds. I purchased a number of the recommended supplements, and I am sure my Budgies will benefit from them. Happy Reading and Happy Breeding!