Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be Ready to Show

Be prepared for shows by keeping a show bag reserved just for shows. Probably the best show bag is one that isn't too large. A toiletry bag with a zipper is a good option. Your show bag should be kept packed and ready to deploy at a moments notice. Items that are a must for your show bag are:

1. toothbrush to use to clean up any last minute feather disasters
2. tweezers for spotting the birds' mask
3. clips for your show tags to apply to show cages
4. clear eye solution (great for getting out blood stains)
5. pre-ordered ink stamp with your name and address for your show tags
6. extra pair of eye glasses for the vision challenged breeder
7. band cutters
8. magnifying glass to have a good luck at any problem areas on your bird
9. pens to write up your show tag
10. personalized business cards with your contact info in case someone wants to get in touch with you regarding your birds
11. black sharpie to touch up your show cages if needed
12. small picture album of your aviary--Pauline Domenage has a wonderful small photo album that she keeps in her show bag to share at shows. The album has pictures of her aviary--the Budge Pad.

What other items do you keep in your Show Bag? Please share so we can all be prepared to show our birds at their best.

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